Concerts: Fleetwood Mac

by Josh

I live near Denver and as a result get the chance to see some pretty great shows.  Last night was no exception, as I got the chance to see legends Fleetwood Mac in concert!

At first, I was a little apprehensive about spending that much money on a concert.  I have absolutely no reservations after the show!  The whole experience was cool… being an older band the crowd wasn’t rowdy at all.  In fact, a lady that reminded me quite a bit of my Mom was sitting next to us.  She warned me that she always cries at “Avalanche” which I can only figure meant “Landslide”… the band came on around 8:20 and played for around two and a half hours and did TWO encores!

The show was being billed as “The Hits” and it did not disappoint… pretty much every song I could think of that even remotely passed as a hit of theirs they did.  The highlights of the night for me was Lindsey Buckingham doing a completely wicked guitar solo that was so good he got an extended standing ovation after it was over.  Mick Fleetwood also had a pretty rocking drum solo during the first encore, which was pretty fun.  Stevie Nicks seemed a little lower in register than I remember her being from her albums, but still worked it out pretty well.  John McVie just seemed to be there… quietly working it out on the bass without too much involvement with the crowd.  The concert was extremely good overall, and my ears were still ringing this morning!

After doing some research, I found out that Lindsey Buckingham plays a Model One guitar from Turner Renaissance guitars that he helped design.  It seems that you too can own that guitar but since you have to email them to find out how much I’m guessing its probably more than I have to spend on a guitar (I emailed them anyway, curiosity got the best of me)!  Lindsey sure could shred that thing… his fingerpicking alone was outstanding.  There is a YouTube clip that shows the solo I mentioned above as evidence of his superior abilities.  I’m going to use the experience of watching him play as a target… if I can get 1/4 as good as he is at fingerpicking I will consider this venture a WILD success!

It was a very worthwhile concert, if they’re coming anywhere nearby everyone should take the opportunity to see them!  If you can’t do that, it seems that there’s already 33 YouTube clips from our concert to enjoy!

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