Lemon oil is good for fretboards…

by Josh

Over the past week, I spent a good deal of time hanging out with my cousins in Illinois.  During that time, I got to play with a variety of different guitars, pedals, and other miscellanea.  I was explaining to my cousin John about my recent electric guitar setup at which time he gave me a few additional tips on how he cares for his fretboard.

He uses denatured lemon oil on his fretboards.  The process he uses to apply the oil is pretty simple: take off the strings, get a soft microfiber rag fairly soaked with the lemon oil, wipe across the fretboard leaving a generous deposit of lemon oil behind.  He then lets the guitar stand for 10-15 minutes so the fretboard can soak up all of that oil, then he gently wipes the fretboard off with a different microfiber cloth.  He says that he prefers to keep a little oil still present on the fretboard for good measure.

Here’s some additional details I found on this topic.

Next time I change the strings on my Fender I’m going to try this!

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