Practice: Eve, The Apple of My Eye

by Josh

Tonight I decided to work on one of my favorite songs from a band most of you have probably never heard of: Bell X1.  Their song “Eve, The Apple of my Eye” has been featured in several shows in recent years, most noteably on Fox’s The O.C.  I’ve listened to this song a lot, which made it easier to practice with.  I have found that trend to remain true… if you can hear the song in your head as you’re working on it, it plays much easier.

Luckily, this song only appears to be around six chords all together (excerpted from the tablature, provided by :

G	  (320033)
Dsus4/F#  (2x0233)
Em7	  (022033)
Cadd9	  (x32033)
C         (x32010)
D         (xx0232)

The C and D chords are used in the bridge only, which makes switching from the main song to the bridges easy. For the rest of the chords, I learned from my previous experience with Free Fallin’… it makes switching chords easy if you anchor the two fingers on the B and e strings while playing.  That makes it much easier to move just the index and middle finger to form the chords as the song progresses.

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