Adjusting your strap…

by Josh

Last weekend, I was invited to a jam at my buddy Paul’s house.  Paul had selected a series of easier songs for the jam session and it was a very fun time, however at one point during the night someone was playing on my Fender Stratocaster and remarked that the guitar strap was low.  This fact had occurred to me as well, however I had never taken the time to adjust it.

During a break, I set about the business of adjusting the strap and quickly got it into two pieces without realizing how to put it back together again.  Thankfully, the fine folks over at Levi’s Leathers put together a great diagram that got me back into business.  It seems that I have what is referred to as a “feed through adjustment system.”

A quick disclaimer: I don’t have a Levi’s Leathers strap, but if their straps are as good as their diagrams they’ve got good stuff.

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