Tip of the Week: The String Cleaner

by Josh

John is a new addition to TheGuitarZero team. He has been playing guitar since he was a little kid, and has spent most of his adult life chasing tone and knowing all there is to know about guitar gear.

Here is a simple tip that will save you time and money.

A great way to save on string wear is to get a clean cloth and wipe down your strings before and after you play.  When you play the oils in your fingers get deposited on the surface of the string.  That can lead to corrosion or even rust leading to bad strings.  Dirty strings are unhappy strings.  So by wiping down your strings before and after each time you play you will save time by not having to change the strings and money by not having to buy them.  A good product is called The String Cleaner.  Its specifically designed with hook shaped microfiber to eliminate virtually all junk from your strings.

The fact that it works better than anything else out there combined with its small, flexible, easy to use design means that it will be money well spent: you will make that back in no time with the strings you don’t need to buy.

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