About The Site

Welcome to TheGuitarZero.com!

Hello, my name is Josh and I am learning how to play the guitar.  I am the antithesis of the guitar hero, I don’t know much about music nor do I know much about the guitar so I have made it my goal to learn more.  As I started the process of learning, I found a distinct lack of freely available information targeted at new or beginning guitar afficianados so I started collecting some of it and before long this site was born.


I have acquired two guitars over the years: a Wine Red Epiphone PR-100 acoustic guitar and a Seagull S6 acoustic electric guitar.  I played around with both after I got them, but eventually put them aside.  I didn’t have any good means of learning on my own, and I was getting frustrated making no progress.  Years passed, I took a new job with a large group of experienced musicians and interest in my guitars has been rekindled!

Why This Site Exists

This site exists to advocate for the new guitar players, providing the basic information needed to learn and share my experiences as I gain my own skill.  In the process, you will be exposed to music I like and gear I like.  If I get some generous responses, there may even be a product review or two as I buy more gear or get products to review from the new guitarist’s perspective!

Contact Me!

You are always welcome to comment on any of my articles, or you can contact me via email if you have any feedback or questions.  I will do my best to provide a speedy response!